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People wearing DREWS guinea brocade


For the best high end guinea brocades made from 100% cotton in the most shining and brilliant colors, Barilux textiles developed an exclusive brand : DREWS BAZIN

After the second world war, Günther Drews founded his own textile business which became an internationally operating company. 
The brand DREWS is dedicated to his personality.

Family values

With the brand DREWS BAZIN, our company BARILUX textiles honors Günther Drews and his achievements (see box). Even if his former textile mills belong to the past, his philosophy to succeed with the best quality and experience in the market still keeps his legacy alive today. 

Familiy values and traditions play an essential role not only inside our company but also for the culture of wearing guinea brocade. Consequently,  we are very proud to carry forward this tradition and to develop it further through new impulses. 

This perfect combination of tradition and modernity is also reflected in our DREWS BAZIN collections, which you can explore on your preferred social network : Facebook or Instagram.

Our catalogue

White traditional or printed, uni-colored, yarn-dyed or light voiles: check out our catalogue of BARILUX textiles.

BARILUX textiles GmbH

Our company BARILUX textiles is based in Hamburg, Germany. Discover our range of services for wholesale merchants.